A3 Printing

A3 is a paper size that is typically used for drawings, diagrams, posters and large tables. One common use for such paper is posters; the larger size can provide more space for laying out information and creating eye-catching designs. The A3 size can also be useful for preparing presentations for reports and other displays of visual information, such as materials in a classroom which are designed to enrich the environment or convey visual information to students.

Recommended Settings For Printout.
(You can change these setting according to your need)
Paper Size:A3
Printing Color:Color
Paper Type:90GSM - Duo Paper

Black & White (A3)
Paper Price (Single Side)
90GSM - Duo Paper ₹ 2.6 / page
100GSM - Duo Paper ₹ 2.7 / page
100GSM - Bond Paper ₹ 2.6 / page
130GSM - Matte Paper ₹ 13 / page
Color (A3)
Paper Price (Single Side)
90GSM - Duo Paper ₹ 12 / page
100GSM - Duo Paper ₹ 12 / page
100GSM - Bond Paper ₹ 12 / page
130GSM - Matte Paper ₹ 17 / page
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